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Aroma Freedom Technique

Aroma Freedom Technique is a quick and easy way of getting rid of limiting beliefs and mindsets, using the power of Young Living Essential Oils. It will gently dissolve the negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that have you stuck. AFT will clear out the overwhelm. AFT will help you grasp clarity on personal or business goals.

Obtain clarity of purpose,
Remove mental blocks,
Release negative emotional patterns,
Overcome doubt and procrastination,
Build confidence, and
Realize goals 

Essential Oil Consultation

Sometimes you just need to be able to lay out your concerns and step back and decide what specific moves you can take towards wellness. We do not diagnose or treat your condition. The information will be for educational purposes only. We will come alongside you and together, we will look deeper as to the options you have with Young Living products to support the body system that is struggling. We will answer how you can start..... How you can strengthen the weak areas and help your body heal on its own the way God intended. 

Essential Oil Scan

The scan is like 'electronic muscle testing' and similar in function as a lie detector. Using galvanized skin response, it will pick up on your stress response to each oil and product.

It identifies how many biomarkers are out of balance, scans the list of Young Living oils and products, ranks them from the lowest to  highest preferred by the body. Then it rescans you out of the products your body prefers. The scan is a great tool to target what supplements and oils your body prefers. We can customize your needs for oils that your body is asking for that you can order or use right here are Elite in your Massage service.