Growing Elite

See for yourself! 

Small Family Owned and Operated


"All hands on deck!"

During your visit to Elite you may see one of our "young apprentices" greeting you, managing supplies, answering phones, or filing paperwork. Hands-on learning and real world experiences are part of our parenting philosophy.  (Left - Right: Neko, Audrey, Stella, Mari, Evan)  

Our History & Our Future of Elite Therapeutic Massage



Elite Therapeutic Massage was born in 2001, when Shelle Hagen planted the first seed (farm girl born and raised hence the farming analogy)  and opened a one room office. Since that day, Elite has been in business for 19+ years providing the best massage care and customer service in the Fargo/Moorhead area.  Shelle's ultimate goal behind Elite is to assist in the development of others to achieve their dreams! (This is the harvest!)

Shelle is a Christian who roots her business decisions on Biblical principals and focuses on positivity and love to surround everyone who enters Elite. We offer a no-drama environment that only allows positive, encouraging and uplifting qualities. 

Scot Hagen, Operations Manager joined team Elite in 2019 and is the leader of staff and operations. His role is to maintain and create a "happy family" work environment! His goal is that Elite staff will love to come to work everyday!


In the next 5 years, you will see a creation of a "nest" of Health Partners at Elite who will work closely under one roof to provide our community with the highest quality of care, genuine connection, support systems, and answers to lead the abundant life that God intended for us all! We invite you to walk and cheer with us each step of the way! 

Community Matters!

We care about our neighbors and that is why Elite has a long standing tradition of giving back!  Elite strives to be a source of HOPE and GENEROSITY for our community!