Elite Continuing Education

Cupping 101 - Enhancements for Massage Session


  Sunday, April 26th  1-5pm

 Massage cupping is an excellent way for Massage Therapists to add a new dimension to their business. Massage Cupping therapy is a modern style of cupping therapy that takes inspiration from ancient techniques. Practitioners utilize traditional manual cups to perform the techniques.  This will be offered with hands on practice, education and demonstrations of how to begin to deliver effective cupping to enhance services. This allows time for Therapists to practice and return with questions and ideas between learning.   4 Hands-on CE 

Massage Career Addition?


Bio-Hacking Your Body

Is improving your health and wellness important...for you and your clients?

 Do you wonder what you will do in the twilight years of your Massage career if your body cannot handle hours at the table? Or perhaps you would like to generate a second source of income?

Join us for a informative and life-changing event!

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Shelle Hagen, Massage Instructor/Trainer/Mentor

Chair CE Class Testimonials.....

Boy was I wrong! ....

"I was not a fan of chair massage. I felt it was too fast and not effective - boy was I wrong! I felt like I won the lottery with this class!"

Perfect amount of classwork & hands on....

"Such a great class (Chair CE) with so much useful information. Perfect amount of classwork and hands-on!"

I am not a believer in chair massage!.....

"I feel like I am much more of a believer in chair massage and a lot more confident. I look forward to future chair events now!"

I loved all the info and research...

"You present very well Shelle! I love all the info you researched, the muscles, the stretches, the paper packets....all was wonderful!"