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Look Mom! No Hands!


 DECEMBER 14th, 9am - 4pm

6 Hours of CE by Megan Mozinski, LMT

About this course:

As a therapist, you know without your hands and arms you cannot  practice. Even with excellent mechanics and self-care, we still  experience wear and tear on our fingers and wrists. When Megan Mozinski  blew out her thumbs and old back injuries surfaced within the first few  months of practicing, her career was in jeopardy. She developed this  technique that preserved her body and resulted in a thriving practice.

Covered in this class:

  • Facilitating full body massage session that uses no hands!
  • How to correctly apply massage techniques using appropriate body mechanics
  • Modify techniques you currently use in practice by using forearms, elbows and knuckles
  • Perform and experience techniques in class
  • Review simple self-care techniques for therapists to use on themselves post massage.

Cost: $200

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Shelle Hagen, Massage Instructor/Trainer/Mentor

Student Testimonials .....

Boy was I wrong!.....

"I was not a fan of chair massage. I felt it was too fast and not effective....boy was I wrong! I felt like I won the lottery with this class!"


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Chair CE Class Testimonials.....

Boy was I wrong! ....

"I was not a fan of chair massage. I felt it was too fast and not effective - boy was I wrong! I felt like I won the lottery with this class!"

Perfect amount of classwork & hands on....

"Such a great class (Chair CE) with so much useful information. Perfect amount of classwork and hands-on!"

I am not a believer in chair massage!.....

"I feel like I am much more of a believer in chair massage and a lot more confident. I look forward to future chair events now!"

I loved all the info and research...

"You present very well Shelle! I love all the info you researched, the muscles, the stretches, the paper packets....all was wonderful!"