Response to COVID-19


We have been monitoring the current COVID-19 situation closely and have made the difficult decision out of responsible caution to temporarily close. Our clients and team have been and always will be our top priority, and will continue to be during this challenging time. We feel an overwhelming call of duty to do our part to keep our communities safe.

Elite Therapeutic Massage will be temporarily closed starting Sunday, March 22nd until further notice.

If you have an upcoming appointment scheduled with us, we will be reaching out to you directly to reschedule. Please feel free to text us at 701.297.8191 so we can connect with you anytime!

We do have gift certificates available for purchase 60 Minute Sessions for $60 on our website that will be available to book upon opening! We appreciate your support of our team and their families as we step away from our livelihood and join in the fight to defeat this virus! 

We would also like to hear your stories of heroes that emerge in this time of adversity so please, send them to us so we can post them on our Facebook page and website! Then we will draw for a winner of a free massage to celebrate them! (After we re-open of course!) 


Ever since I have been a child, I have been captivated by the detailed reports and personal accounts that have been documented surrounding the historic maiden voyage of the Titanic. The events of that night when reviewed with 20/20 vision have always seemed to me a series of foolish decisions which resulted in the death of 1,514 people from an original manifest of 2,224.

Now, as we face our own current uncharted waters navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, I think we can learn from the pages of history. It also explains the human response to peril.

The Titanic was thought of as “unsinkable”, we also think of the United States as an invincible super-power. When the Titanic Captain received the warning telegraph that the icebergs were a looming danger he chose to increase the ship speed, instead of slowing down, adding more sailors on the look-out, and preparing his crew and passengers. He chose to ignore the advice as this was to be a headline trip! Nothing could sink this majestic ship and it could power through. Our current “Captain” Mr. Trump also received a warning of the impending disease capable of devastation. Despite the confidence and ideas of wealth of both Captains, these notions would not protect against the inevitable.

After the mighty steel weakened by the freezing waters was compromised by the iceberg, it was imminent that it would be at the bottom of the ocean by dawn. Help signals went out to all that could hear within miles of the ship. Passengers were alerted to put on warm clothing and head to the decks. The mood of the passengers was disbelief. They believed that it was an unnecessary drill and that everyone was overreacting because this was the Titanic and sinking was impossible. As a result, the lifeboats were released into the water filled sparsely. Many passengers refused to take the orders of the staff and remained in their cabins. Those in the life boats whined and complained about how uncomfortable it was, what a waste of time this drill was, how they forgot their valuables and how this was going to cost them. The ship crews that were close enough to provide aid and rescue ignored and even laughed at the telegraphs for help from the Titanic as they clicked desperately into the darkness. I can only imagine the jokes that were swapped from sailor to sailor about the ridiculous sinking ship prank. As the ship continued to take on water, and began to list, the situation finally became real for everyone. Sadly, by this time the delayed response had radically eliminated the chance to save the maximum number of lives possible.  For what seemed to be a large hassle, now became the difference between living and dying. Life jackets were hoarded much like our current toilet paper panic. Both equally useless in providing protection. Family members had to choose who would get a spot on the boat, and who would parish. Wives lost husbands, entire families were lost below deck and elderly were sacrificed for the young. The lead mariner of each boat had to decide who would board and who would not... life or death was forced into their hand. If passengers would have complied earlier, 472 additional people would have been guaranteed a seat to be saved. And if the nearby ships would have taken the SOS call serious, all souls would have been saved.

We are prepared as a nation for war or a terrorist attack but a microscopic bug that would penetrate our line of defense has now become our iceberg. We are being asked to head into our “lifeboats” which for us is the safety of our homes. We complain about the uncomfortable position that we are put in. The economic demise this response is creating and how this is a huge mistake to overreact to this flu, as waste of time. (Please note, as a small family business owner and employer of a team that I care deeply about, I understand this struggle front row style.) It really does feel helpless but the good news for us feelings are not facts! In reality, we do have power over this virus and can influence the trajectory. Unlike the passengers of the Titanic, we can comply with the suggestions and all head to our lifeboats and reduce contact with others outside our home. This will give hospitals the opportunity to serve the seriously ill and save the doctors from having to make God-like choices of who will live and who will die. Wives will not lose their husbands and husbands will not lose their wives. The elderly will not be sacrificed for a respirator that a younger person will need. Families will remain intact and we will have more celebrations to come. Our history will not be another story of sorrow and folly, but that of sacrifice and intelligence. My fear is that we will follow the history of the Titanic and allow our overconfidence to claim the life of countless lives.  

Only time will reveal the results of our choices and actions we get to make today. My hope and prayer is that we will record in history books that we overreacted and wasted money. That we chose to comply and were uncomfortable in our homes spending much needed time with our loved ones. That we took time to slow down and teach our children the value of the abundance and freedoms that we take for granted. That the reset button was pushed on our economy and we returned to putting our faith in God, not money, country, nor ourselves. That we revisited the value of our family above all else. The beautiful thing as Americans, we can make our own choices. Now it is our job to be educated in these decisions!

Stay healthy my friends…..
Sincerely, Shelle Hagen

We thank you from the bottom or our hearts for your continued loyalty to our team!

Shelle & Scot Hagen, Owners


Family owned and operated company