Laura Pladson, M.Ed., LPCC, Trailblazing Counselor


Laura Pladson, Licensed Counselor and Trailblazing Communications Practitioner


I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a Trailblazing Communications Practitioner. I believe we are spirits having human experiences and as such, we are energetic beings. Everything that happens to us and around us affects us energetically. When energy gets stuck, it results in imbalances which can cause:

  • negative thinking and beliefs
  • anxiety and depression
  • inability to cope
  • physical illness
  • relationship problems
  • repeating unhelpful patterns

In my 20+ years of practicing counseling, I’ve realized that in some situations, talk therapy only takes people to a certain point. I use the tools of Trailblazing Communications to identify energetic imbalances and shift them so deeper change can occur. 

Some people are skeptical of energy modalities and think it may go against their belief system. I respect that. This modality may not fit with you. I can tell you what I believe and you can decide from there if you want to learn more.

I believe in God and I believe there are Angels and Guides willing to help us. Trailblazing Communications connects us to these higher powers and invokes their assistance in helping us find balance.

I help you get to the heart of the matter so you can relax and be in the flow of life. 

I offer free 20 minute consultations so we can meet in person and you can see how the program works.

"Just one session helped my energy shift!! It helped me feel more settled and able to handle the situation."

"It's as if there is light in (my daughter's) eyes now that we didn't see much before...she is more care-free and isn't weighed down by  pain and anxiety."

"It is absolutely amazing...I'm not suffering from daily headaches anymore, I have better relationships with the people I love and I'm not feeling my anxiety and depression like I did before this." 

"Laura is so easy to talk to and is just pure in her light and energy."

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If you have questions, or need an evening or Saturday appointment, feel free to call 701-404-7780, or email .

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Marilyn McMurray, Trailblazing Communications Practitioner


Trailblazing Communications

The journey to walking in your truth is different for everyone, but  there is some universal truths we all discover. One truth is that with  the right attitude, hardship is a gift. Another truth is that when we’re  not aligned with our purpose, life is harder than it needs to be.

For years my friends, family, coworkers – even strangers – have come  to me, asking for my perspective and guidance on situations they are in,  choices they need to make and what direction to turn. I am called and  intuitively guided to assist others in discovering and mapping out their  life purpose – their soul’s path. I heard myself saying “I can help  with that!” so often that it finally occurred to me that my life’s  purpose has been on the tip of my tongue my whole life.If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

My Story

I was stuck in my “dream” job (literally it was my dream job in  college) , My husband had just retired from the military and the  government shut down was in full swing. My children were 2 and 7 years  old. I felt there was no way out and only dreamed of doing something I  loved. Don’t get me wrong, I was helping people, but I was making myself  sick in the meantime, literally. I was depressed, filled with anxiety,  my health was tanked and I was drinking every night just to shut off.

I had a health crisis and didn’t know what I was going to do. I  trusted that God had a plan for me. I had no idea how I was going to  replace a 6 figure income. I was forever grateful when Costco was giving  out diapers. We had been going weekly to Costco and I hadn’t seen this  happen since 2013.

Then I found Trailblazing through a conversation in a bathroom and it changed my life, saved my life, in fact.

Today, I’m doing what I love and making it my mission to help and save others who have those same dreams I had. They are not out of reach,  they are at our fingertips if we allow ourselves the opportunity to explore and dream again. Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

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