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Terry Martineau

Terry Martineau

Terry is a nurse, essential oil educator, and Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner. Her passion is helping you discover how to strengthen the weak areas and help your body heal, the way God intended! She will work with you to become proactive vs. reactive in targeting your wellness goals. With much experience working with special needs families, she can come along side and provide the support you are looking for. Let her warmth and sincerity bring you to a new level of freedom with tools that work.  

Why Scan?

The scan is like ‘electronic muscle testing’ and

similar in function as a lie detector. Using galvanized skin response, it will pick up on your stress response to each oil and product.

It identifies how many biomarkers are out of balance, scans the list of YL oils and products, ranks them from the lowest to highest preferred by your body. Then it rescans you out of the products your body prefers.

The scan is a great tool to target what supplements and oils your body prefers.

It is a great way to customize your monthly Young Living order to what your body is asking for.

It is also a great tool when you are feeling below the wellness line to see which oils and supplements your body is responding to. 

The cost of the scan is $20 

The fee for scan and consult is waved at the purchase of a wholesale membership Premium Starter Kit

Why Consult


Sometimes you just need to be able to lay out your concerns and step back and decide what specific moves you can take towards wellness. 

Although I am a nurse, I am not going to diagnose or treat your condition. The information will be for educational purposes only. I will come along side you and together, we will look deeper as to the options you have with Young Living products to support the body system that is struggling. Where do you start?

How can you strengthen the weak areas and help your body heal on it’s own the way God intended?

The cost of the consult is $20 

Why AFT?


Maybe you have a goal that is a mountain and you just can’t see it.

Maybe you want to hear from God, but it feels like your prayers are hitting the ceiling.

Maybe you keep procrastinating over things.

Maybe you want to get over some emotions, but just don’t know what oil to use to help.

Maybe you feel like you need a confidence injection.

Maybe you want to feel peace and it seems impossible.

Maybe you feel like you keep going around the same mountain over and over.

AFT is a quick and easy way of getting rid of limiting beliefs and mindsets, using the power of Young Living Essential Oils. It will gently dissolve the negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that have you stuck. 

AFT will clear out the overwhelm. AFT will help you grasp clarity on personal or business goals.

AFT session can take 45 -60 minutes

Cost: $55 with your own oils

$75 with oils provided

Sessions can be performed over zoom by appt. 

Oils need for each session: 

Frankincense, Lavender, Stress Away, Inner Child, Release, Trauma Life, Believe or Transformation. 

AFT is performed with Young Living Essential Oils only.

Oils are simple, but people are complicated. We have things that get stuck in our emotional hard drive that needs to be cleared out. You clear out your computer to get it to work better, how much better to clear out YOU! 

One AFT session is gifted with the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit and the underlined oils