Laura Pladson, M.Ed., LPCC, Counselor

Trailblazing Communications Practitioner


I am not a counselor in the traditional sense of the word. I believe we are spirits having human experiences and as such, we are energetic beings. Everything that happens to us and around us affects us energetically. When energy gets stuck, it results in imbalances which can cause:

  • negative thinking and beliefs
  • anxiety and depression
  • inability to cope
  • physical illness
  • relationship problems
  • repeating unhelpful patterns

I’ve been a Licensed Counselor for over 20 years and I’ve realized that in some situations, talk therapy only takes people to a certain point. Trailblazing Communications is a way to identify energetic imbalances and shift them so deeper change can occur. 

Some people are skeptical of energy modalities and think it may go against their belief systems. I respect that. This modality may not fit with you. I can tell you what I believe and you can decide from there if you want to learn more.

I believe in a higher power. I name it God, others may call it Source, Higher Consciousness, or Universal Love. I believe there are Angels and Guides willing to help us. Trailblazing Communications connects us to these higher powers and invokes their assistance in helping us find balance.

I help you get to the heart of the matter so you can relax and be in the flow of life. I offer free 20 minute consultations so we can meet in person and you can see how the program works.   

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