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Sunday, March 31st ~ 1-3PM


 Do you question if essential oils are safe for your pets? Do you have a pet that continues to misbehave? Then this class is for you!

Please join us as we learn from Bailey Stickney, Owner of The Laughing Dog,  (pet training and sitting) on Sunday, March 31st!  In the first segment of our class, we'll work on solving common household annoyances.

1.) Barking at "stuff" - people, other dogs, rabbits, etc.

2.) Jumping on people.

3.) Kitchen and dinner table manners.

We'll provide simple, practical, every day tools to help you enjoy your pet. It's dog training that works!

In our second segment, we will explore the use of essential oils with Mercedes Barbosa and Shelle Hagen, Young Living Essential Oils Educators, on your pets and how they can help with pet moods, and improve their overall wellness, not to mention find ways to reduce the amount of toxins you are exposing them to. We will also be able to answer and extinguish any fears you may have ever heard about oils for pets!

Please leave your furry friend at home this time and come join us! The cost of the class is $10/family that can be payable at the door!

Please RSVP to the office (701.297.8191) so we can ensure we have plenty of supplies! 

Saturday, April 6th ~ 10-11:30AM

Laura Pladson, Trailblazing

Please join Laura Pladson,  Trailblazing Counselor in her teaching!

Our soul tends to get neglected in the hustle of daily life.

Join us as we spend some time connecting with our souls. Why are you here? What is your life's purpose?  How can you connect with your soul as a regular practice?

Learn how to use the Trailblazing Communications tools to identify blockages, clear the energy around our human stressors, and get back to our true nature - our soul.

Each participant will get a message from their Angels & Guides around a topic of their choice. 

Tickets are $22 available through Eventbrite

Sunday, May 5th ~ 1-4pm


   The Mom’s Day Out event is designed to empower women to make better decisions about their health, wellness, lifestyle, and beauty; the afternoon event offers information on health issues, available services and resources, and comprehensive wellness. The outing promises to invigorate the Fargo/Moorhead community to keep health and wellness a priority while caring for their children. Self-care is a challenge for women and it is proven that their quality of life declines during child rearing years. We want to help women make the connection with services and programs that will enhance their lives! 

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